Friday, September 28, 2012

Early in the morning making cake


Such a nice day in the the old garden. Saintpaulia went up very early and made tarte tatin. A French cake with lots of apples and a lovely caramel aftertaste. She is planning to serve it with tea in the afternoon. I am sure the family will enjoy it. It's after all autumn and the harvesting of the fruits
                                                                 has already begun.

She has to get the cups from the top shelf. It's high and usually Penstemon has to reach for it, but he is still sleeping. If she steps on the chair maybe then she will get it...
As you see the sun has just risen in the old garden..
would you like to make tarte tatin? Saintpaulia watched Julia Child makes tarte tatin on televison.
The mice wishes you all a nice weekend.


  1. This is ridiculously adorable!!!! "The mice wishes you all a nice weekend!" ADORABLE! I'll write you back an email, Christel, but I just had to tell you! xo Susan

  2. Thanks Susan:) I am so happy to see you here:)

  3. Everything is absolutely gorgeous!!! xo Jennifer

  4. Thanks Jennifer and Anna. I am glad to hear that you like them:)

  5. This is adorable! I loved Brambly Hedge when I was a child and this brings back so much memories and feelings!