Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cider making

Penstemon from the apple tree have a very important task today. He needs to check the quality for the apple cider. His little cider cave in the apple tree have a cider press, and lots of apples. When the cider has fermented in the barrels he pours the cider into bottles and labels them. He is looking forward to serve it to Theminimice on the 1 of December.

basket by Kari Mette Tvedt




  1. Hi Christel, did you make the apple-making machine yourself. It's really something!

  2. Sorry Christel, I meant the cider-making machine!

  3. Hi Lucille:) Thanks, I found it on ebay. I do not know the maker of it but I think it is made by one from Spain. I am not so good with wood working;) Hugs:)