Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The storage room

In the oak tree the mini mice have a storage room. Mr mouse Berberis is the janitor in the garden and lives here with his wife Chosiya and his two active little ones. He is always in a good mood and the mice like to come and trade what they have for something they need. 

Berberis (being held by a human)

                                      A selection of pickles and jam made by Chosiya.
                                    A leg of dry lamb and lots of cheese is stored here too.

                                                           The Oak tree


  1. Amazing work ! I love it all ....I think I could live in their house ! :o) Sue

  2. Such a sweet little home, full of charm! The mice certainly will not starve during the coming winter months! I'm wondering if they celebrate Christmas?

  3. Thank you Sue, the old maid and Lucille. Yes they do celebrate Christmas;) I am sure we will see them do some decorating:)
    I appreciate your comments. Thanks a bunch:)

  4. Adorable! Now I want to build a dollhouse in a hollow tree...

  5. pues si que tienen buena provision de alimentos , me encanta esa casa



  6. Everything looks incredible! Love the canned food jars! It reminds me so much of Brembly Hedge and the little field mice!

  7. How marvellous and sweet!!!

  8. Du er noe helt for deg selv, enestående dyktig - du imponerer storveies!
    For en verden du skaper - det er MORO å sitte her og se og lese!
    Lykke til videre, jeg er et fan!

    Fin uke til deg og alle musene :)
    Klem Lokki