Friday, January 25, 2013

Milk and cookies

The old couple Rumus and Asminia from the chestnut stub relax in their spacious bedroom with a glass of milk and some fresh baked cookies. Brought to them from the bakery in the first floor. A nice way to end a day.


  1. What a gorgeous room - especially the bed!

  2. Such a wonderful room, I adore the poster bed :0) I´m a bit confused to how many mouse house you have Christel. There´s the chester stub and the apple tree, but in which house is this room situated? I loved you previous post, where we got an overview of the apple tree house.

  3. Your work is so talented and I love your photos! Greetings from Sanne

  4. Thank you dearest:) The mice lives in several stubs, only two of them have been shown with the exterior. The apple tree house, the large one and the oak tree, the smaller one. Some mice also live in a chestnut stub. This is only partly finished. There are also some mice living in a dollhouse. Hopefully I will tie it all together eventually;)

  5. So beautiful!!!
    LOL, I figured that Annie would have observed with great interest the developments of this great community :-D
    Mini lovely hugs,

  6. Hello*
    Nice to meet you.
    I love your mice and their lovely house:-)
    I am looking forward to see their living...

  7. So adorable! What a gorgeous bed!