Monday, January 7, 2013

Storytelling with Asminia

Asmina the oldest female mouse in the garden likes to read for her grandchildren. After their parents Lavendulia and Baccahris have given them a bath and tucked them into bed, it’s Asminias turn to care for them. She cuddles herself up in a large chair and starts reading with her soft voice. The baby mice carefully listen, and soon they fall asleep.

Baccharis listening at Asminias exiting story telling.

Mice paper dolls

Not quite at sleep, but almost...

Nighty, night from the chestnut stub.


  1. I just LOVE the Mini Mice !! I always love seeing that you've posted something new. :o)
    I love their cozy baby mice bedroom !

  2. Thanks Suzeeez:) I am so happy to hear that:)

  3. Adorable, Christel, I love the idea of four identical baby mice...

  4. que bonita escena con los ratoncitos en sus cunas y la abuelita leyendoles un cuento



  5. Oh, Christel, you know how to warm the hearts of those who follow your "mice" blog! What an adorable arrangement. I would not have thought of an entire nursery filled with identical tiny beds. But when one stops to think realistically, it does make perfect sense. What real mouse has only one newborn! Brilliant. It makes me wish I could be transformed into one of your sweet little mice, snuggled so warmly into such a pretty nursery like that for the reading of a bedtime tale, if even for just a moment! What joy, nostalgia and delight that would be. X:)

  6. I love this post, it's so sweet and tender.

  7. Godt Nytt År til deg og musene!
    Stemning så det holder, strålende vakkert håndarbeid - jeg er imponert som alltid!
    Ha fine januardager!!

  8. Christel, this is such a sweet and endearing little scene with the little mice in their adorable cribs. Sometimes, your scenes bring tears to my eyes. I can't even begin to imagine the time and effort that it must take to set them up. There are so many little objects and each and everyone of them is where it should be. You truly are a master of this art!

  9. Seriously, I have the best readers:) I thank you for your warming comments. Hugs:)