Monday, April 8, 2013

Group picture

           "Theminimice" from the garden would like to present themselves in a group picture

In random order:

Apple tree: Saintpaulia (f) Penstemon (m), children, Buxux (m) and Magnolia (f)
Buttercup (f) in the attic

Oak tree: Choisya (f), Berberis (m), children Cherry (f) girl and Turnip (m) boy

Chestnut tree :Rumus (m), Asminia (f), Lavendulia (f), Baccharris (m), children two boys and two girls.
Medowsweet (f), Cloudberry (f) Fern (m) Pokeweed (m)

Hazel (f) in the attic, Rosemary (f) Sage (m) Honeydew (f) baby Thyme (m) boy


  1. Nice family picture of mice. Hugs, Marisa

  2. Hi Christel! Well, well, the gang's all here and what an adorable gang! Unfortunately, I was unable to follow the order and I am mixed up. I must tell you that I love the one with the lace collar holding that darling baby in her arms. Thank you for the roundup. It's nice to see them all together!

  3. WOW...great group shoy. lol ..... I love the minnie mice ! <3