Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Minimice in The Garden of Lace book now available in softcover

A softcover version of the book The Minimice in The Garden of Lace is now available. Hurray!! This version is for those who just can't wait for the hardcover with better quality. Hardcover will be available on Amazon approximately in September 2014.

A new book, a new twist. Cooking with the mice is fun and easy. Their recipes are tested and found so good that they gladly share it with you.

The Minimice in The Garden of Lace is an enchanting story for both children and adults. Come into their world and see where they live. They love to cook in their cozy kitchens, and they share it all with you. In the countryside far up north The Minimice have found the perfect place to live in the garden of lace. Celebrating and enjoying life at its best. Read the little stories and try their recipes for brownies, apple cider, berry crumble and bread. The cute mice will try to bring some happiness and smiles to your day.

This is an introduction book to The Minimice in the garden of lace. All handmade in 1:12 scale. You will get to know why they moved from the city and see what a beautiful place they have found in the countryside. They will show you their tree houses and the dollhouse they found on the terrace in the abandoned garden.


  1. Congratulations, Christel! The book sounds marvelous. However, I prefer to wait for the hard cover in September! I look forward to reading it.

  2. Toutes mes félicitations !!!
    Je le commanderai en septembre. Amicalement. rosethé-Joce

  3. Thank you:) I will have several options available. Softcover, hardcover and ebook. Stay tuned for info :)..and thank you for being so sweet!