Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas tree

Rubus the old mouse from the large chestnut stub wanted to do something fun for the little ones in the garden. So he took them for a ride with the sleigh and his old car. The mission was to find a Christmas tree for the bakery.They had a terrific time and thought it was so fun to sit in the sleigh while Rubus drove the car. Very carefully though. Back home at the chestnut stub Rubus said now lets get this tree lighted so we can enjoy it outside the bakery

                                                    Catching snowflakes...


  1. The scene is so cute, Christel! What a fantastic, unique little car you have!

  2. I broke out into a happy little chuckle as I looked through your latest photographs, Christel. Your little mice seem to be enjoying the ride so! How precious they all are in the various sizes. Makes me want to believe that they are real. And I do have to agree with Lucille, the car is an absolute charmer. I can almost hear it chattering and sputtering along through the snow. How funny.

  3. Thanks girls:) I am glad that someone enjoys it a bit. I sure have fun with these little characters, and in my mind they are very much alive;) Merry Christmas to you Lucille, Miniteriors, and to all of my readers:)