Saturday, December 8, 2012

Delivery day

8. of December today and “theminimice from the apple tree woke up to a snow coated garden. Perfect Christmas weather for us today. We will visit the mice families in the oak tree, the chestnut stub and the dollhouse by the currant bush. They all will get apples, cider and apple pies from us at the apple tree, Saintpaulia said to her children. "Its after all Christmas and what is more important than taking care of the people you care about. I am sure they will appreciate it".
They had a long day ahead but theminimice invited them inside so they could warm themself up by the fire before they went to the next stub. They got hot chocolate with cream, chicken pot pie and cheese with crackers. Luckily Rubus drove them home in his car late in the evening. They ended up being too full of treats, and too sleepy to walk home to the apple tree.
It all took place in one abanoed garden, but when you are a mouse, you are very small and a garden can seem like a very large place.
When all the theminimice come to us they will surely get some of our delicious hot apple cider. Saintpaulia said when she got back home to her husband Penstemon.
Have you tried the recipe yet? Here it is Hot apple cider

Saintpaulia's homemade apple pie


  1. Oh, Christel! Your mice-folk are totally charming!!! The little "lady mouse" dressed in ecru lace with the rose head-piece is simply adorable. They all make me want to reach out and give them a loving little squeeze with a funny little giggle. Precious!

  2. What a Beautiful setting!!! I LOVE it! Your mice are so Charming! You have made a Wonderful little world with them!!!

  3. Thank you ....I love it ! :o) Sue

  4. What fun! I love that apple pie and the close-up photo of the mice--so sweet! xo Jennifer

  5. What an enchanting winter scene! All dressed in their Sunday best! They look so cute. I love that lace dress!

  6. Oh I love these! They are so festive and sweet! i love the little apple pie too!